Haflinger History

HAFLINGER stands as a symbol for lovingly crafted home and casual footwear made of natural materials.

Founded over 50 years ago as a family-owned business, Haflinger is the largest manufacturer of boiled wool in Germany.

With their love of the Haflinger breed of horses, the Otto family adopted the logo to demonstrate grace, aesthetics, endurance and longevity.
HAFLINGER is known internationally for its outstanding quality and workmanship of wool felt clogs, boiled wool slippers and leather sandals.

Our footwear combines natural, breathable materials with essential foot support. Our objective is to enhance ones quality of life by promoting health and vitality through our natural materials and contoured footbeds.

We would like to thank our loyal fans and those that share our motto to “Step into a Friendship” with your very favorite HAFLINGER footwear.

HAFLINGER products carry the official Woolmark certification. The Woolmark license allows us to use the Woolmark logo as an independent quality endorsement.

Trusted by manufacturers and consumers across the world, products approved by Woolmark must meet or exceed stringent requirements backed up by rigorous testing by independent authorized laboratories.

Fine Wool is the ultimate natural fibre and premier ingredient in luxury apparel. The Woolmark certification mark guarantees that our products conform to a set of high standards providing confidence to consumers that a quality product is being bought.

It guarantees that the product is made of 100% pure new wool and signifies the quality of wool used. Pure new wool, also called virgin wool, is made with wool that has not been reused or blended with other fibers.

HAFLINGER is thus far the only footwear company in the world to have been granted Woolmark certification.